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Sachet Mixte Women Arts Journal Volume 6, 7:15

So excited to announce the publication of the latest issue of Sachet Mixte Women’s Arts Journal!

Along with fourteen other female artists from around the world, this issue showcases ten of my recent works, which include 3D, acrylic, mixed media, film stills and digital media.

I use a variety of media for the subjects I wishes to explore, often encompassing the concept of time and space. Some of these and other works can be viewed on my artist website Enjoy!

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Looking forward to the 31st! I feel so privileged to be invited to show my video “FRACTIONS OF TIME IN MOTION” at the River Cinema alongside some amazing artists! Look forward to meeting all this week 🙂

Screen Shot FRACTIONS 2015-01-25 at 8.47.44 pm

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Finally the moment of presenting my film which I named “Celebrating Noeline” to Noeline herself! I loved watching her watch herself, seeing her having so much fun and dubbing her film “hilarious!!!” especially after the entire production was of quite a personal nature and I had been a little worried some of the content may have struck a sad emotional chord. I chose to wait until Christmas Eve to give Noeline her film, as this is a very special time for her. In any case, she couldn’t get enough of it which was great! We talked about putting it up for public viewing which was fine with her, but after consideration, I have decided to wait until such time that I have more film of a similar nature and then put it out as a series, so yes I guess I could still say: Watch this space!

Credit: The above photograph was taken by my mother Nel van Amsterdam as Noeline and I were watching her short film on Christmas Eve, 2013.

…I am working on a short film, which is to be the first of a series of documentaries about amazing people. Amazing people can be the ones you least expect them to be ~ you might walk past them every day on the street, at work, in the office, or anywhere else. Amazing people are ordinary people, not so ordinary. They have a story to tell and sometimes not even realise it.

I have had so much fun filming my first amazing person, called Noeline. We’ve had a few weeks of it, and even though the filming has ended, she’s still keen to do more! I really hope to give you a taste of her beautiful, bubbly spirit which is infectious, without any ego, and free.

The selection of events is the present phase and when that’s done the editing will begin! I can hardly wait to tell you her story, so watch this space!

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