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Finally the moment of presenting my film which I named “Celebrating Noeline” to Noeline herself! I loved watching her watch herself, seeing her having so much fun and dubbing her film “hilarious!!!” especially after the entire production was of quite a personal nature and I had been a little worried some of the content may have struck a sad emotional chord. I chose to wait until Christmas Eve to give Noeline her film, as this is a very special time for her. In any case, she couldn’t get enough of it which was great! We talked about putting it up for public viewing which was fine with her, but after consideration, I have decided to wait until such time that I have more film of a similar nature and then put it out as a series, so yes I guess I could still say: Watch this space!

Credit: The above photograph was taken by my mother Nel van Amsterdam as Noeline and I were watching her short film on Christmas Eve, 2013.

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