DO YOU ♥ YOUR SELFIE? Then I want YOU! Send me yours and be part of a fab collab!

I am currently working on my Major Project for Collaborative Studies toward my Diploma in Creative Technologies at WITT Taranaki, and am now in the process of selecting a group of people who are willing to participate in this project.

The theme for this project is the selfie, a trend which has really taken off in the last twelve months or so, and more or less is a real glorification and exposing of the self.

If you love your selfie you are the perfect candidate for my project and I would love you to become part of my collaboration!

By submitting your photograph, you will give me full permission to use your image to become part of a larger, final work if selected. This final work will be presented to my student colleagues and tutor, and eventually will be published on my art blog Ingrid van Amsterdam and my Facebook art page Ingrid van Amsterdam Art, Photography, and Film

Once I have received all submissions, due 31 October 2014, I will decide how these images will be processed in the work.

Please note that your photograph will not be used for any other purposes than this project, and that you may, or may not be identifiable in the final work. For example all, or only part of your photograph may be used as part of a larger image, or even as part of a 3D installation (image example supplied with full permission, as below).

Other than giving credit to your name under the final work, I would like to reassure you that your personal details will not be disclosed to the public and will remain confidential. If you prefer to remain anonymous or would like me to use your first name or initials only, please let me know so I can respect your wishes when I write my credits.

The final work will be under full copyright © Ingrid van Amsterdam.



* Take a photograph of yourself kissing (your own reflection in) a mirror

* Any digital medium may be used, and sent to me in preferably the highest/maximum quality/size possible

* The image must show your reflection in the mirror as well as (part or all of) your actual face

* Then send this photograph/selfie to my email address:

* Last day for submissions will be 31 October 2014


Your participation is much appreciated, thank you!

Ingrid van Amsterdam

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