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Described as extraordinary, powerful and real I am absolutely thrilled to see my work FRACTIONS OF TIME IN MOTION showing as part of a video loop of the Art-science+environment exhibition at Vital Transformations, JD Reid Art Gallery in New Plymouth. The exhibition runs till the end of the month.

FRACTIONS OF TIME IN MOTION is an experimental attempt to capture the illusion of time. Our relationship with time/space/matter is challenged by the clapping of hands immersed in flowing river water. “We should be able to create an entirely new universe”; “…in particular it’s just easy to do with my hands. When they collide, we might have a Big Bang” Quoted from BBC Horizon, (2001), Parallel Universes (Alan Guth, Burt Ovrut, Ph.D.). Clapping then literally becomes history in the making with this natural body of water carrying history of all time. 

Some snippets here, please check it out  

My latest work in …mir ist so daDa im Kopf! Mail Art Projekt. A mail art exhibition in Berlin, Germany

when god was deluded















Ingrid van Amsterdam
when god was deluded, 2016
photomontage, 21 x 29.7cm


turquoise art for sale

Photography Prints

This print would look amazing framed!

This fine liner drawing was the first sketch I did for my exhibition subject ‘in the blink of an eye‘ for the DCT Exhibition ‘eclectic‘ at the Western Institute of Technology, Taranaki, and resulted in a video installation and painting ~ see Gallery – art, and film

Or, you can check it out on my website Ingrid van Amsterdam CREATIVE, in the blink of an eye framed print ~ enjoy your browse!

in the blink of an eye

blink framed prints
eye framed prints
mouth framed prints
nose framed prints
fine liner framed prints
paper framed prints
sketch framed prints
exhibition framed prints
black and white framed prints

As I wrote the update of my “Context” page, I mentioned my brother Louis, and would like to elaborate a little on this, wanting to share with you what he wrote for the publication for, and his contribution to, the exhibition at the Fort aan de Drecht in Amsterdam in 1986:

‘I don’t want a purely rational concept for a piece of art

I am looking for an archetypical rendition of a deep inner feeling.

It can be expressed in a place where the event or the image belongs and in which the myth of our existence and history is kept.

An obelisk is a materialization of that which indicates the higher; ‘the higher’ however is not to be captured in ‘spatial objects’. Spatial objects are subject to the limitation of space and furthermore the limitless is difficult to express in matter.

I burn the symbol (the obelisk), release it from its spatial limitation, the smoke rises.

In this given the elements are absorbed as birth and death, come into being and decay, and besides it is also very beautiful to watch someone breathe fire.

Only the ashes and the myth of the obelisk remain.’

~ Louis van Amsterdam (1986)

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